February 2016



Spymaster Extraordinaire



Allen W. Dulles seems to have been around forever in that secret spy world that we all read about and watch in the movies (but don't know much about, nor even how it all functions), but I suppose he is one of the spooks' favourite spooks. If you propose James Bond to me, however, I might not second that suggestion, but would settle for the mysterious Mata Hari.


Today, the man is still a puzzle, and I’ve always found it hard to understand his personality. Yet there is no doubt in my mind that he had the power and persuasion to influence important events of the 20th century and perhaps to his own advantage as well.


As I commence this article on 19th January 2016 it is the 47th anniversary of his death in 1969. In other words, always a good spot to begin in trying to understand the man and his methods, orthodox or otherwise.


President Kennedy remarked on the personality of Allen Dulles: "Dulles is a legendary figure and it’s hard to operate with legendary figures." Too true, I say. Yet this is the man who met, talked with and gossiped with Hitler, Mussolini, maybe Franco, and maybe "Uncle Joe" Stalin, and all those other gruesome and no doubt unsaved monsters of the 20th century. Oh, and he may even have missed a meeting over a lemon tea with Lenin, who knows, who cares.


Dulles was born in 1893, the son of a Calvinist cleric. In those days, sons either entered the church, the army, or the diplomatic service, and with two former Secretaries of State in the Dulles family, this seems to be the diplomatic road that young Allen would tread.


Dulles seems to have acquired an unnatural taste for the duplicitous "cloak and dagger." Yet as a father and husband, he could be insensitive and offered little ability to share his life with his family or those who might have sought to cultivate it. Perhaps these are the dubious traits of a spymaster who must always walk alone, by choice or otherwise.


Alone in this walk on the wild side, Dulles seems to have acquired a taste for the ladies, which should have made him a security risk, I would have thought, for the enemy as well.


Yet men who live in their own world of secrets become an enigma unto themselves. They also become emotionally stunted somehow, but of course spying is the oldest profession in the world, or so they say.


I believe that Allen Dulles and his career can be divided into two areas that depict his public and personal life.


Many of the political movers and shakers were and still are very much involved with the Committee for Foreign Affairs (CFR). Pat Robertson – a one – world advocate and maybe an ex-member himself – wrote: "The CIA during most of the years since its creation has been under the CFR control, starting with Allen Dulles, founding member of the CFR and later Secretary of State under President Eisenhower, Mr John Foster Dulles."


We can thank Allen Dulles, then, for the conception of the CFR and for shaping the CIA into his own pipe-smoking image of how a spy network functions. Incidentally, the Senator Frank Church Committee of 1975/6 did inflict some pretty serious damage on the CIA structure and impacted its survival at the time.


In fact, in the CIA building today you can see a fixed bas-relief of the man in the lobby with words under it that read, "His monument is around us." Yet monuments crumble, don't they, but the word of God will never crumble. 



One can only speculate with great interest if he had his own manicured spymaster/lawyer fingers into the initiation and success of the DIA, the NSA, the FIA, and maybe NORAD, and perhaps NASA, and possibly Disneyland. Who knows how far this network of lies and spying intrigues stretches even today, maybe deep into outer space?


It was in the post-war days of the 1920s that the NWO somehow was born and grew, and the Dulles brothers were there learning, listening to what was happening in those war-torn European years.


Both Allen and John were senior partners at Cromwell and Sullivan, an international law firm during the 1930s. This firm seems to have used the Dulles' German connection with the Nazi hierarchy. One trivial note of interest is that George Clooney's high-flying lawyer wife Amal Clooney was once herself a distinguished alumni of the firm. Offering brains and beauty, then, to their invited clients, it seems.


According to writer Randy Davis: "The Dulles Brothers were in for profit more than ideology...they arranged American investment in Nazi Germany in the 1930s to ensure that their clients did well out of the German economic recovery."


In those days, Allen Dulles would work in and out of the shadows of diplomacy and espionage during those turbulent 1930s. However, of interest to me and I hope you, the reader, is his sojourn in Bern, Switzerland from 1942 to 1945. I have been able to locate that address in the medieval district of the town. 




Some years ago I was in London researching for my article concerning Princess Noor the spy princess and I was fortunate to see the inside of her old family home there and take some pictures as well. Please visit the website to see them if interested.


Dulles was installed as the station chief in Bern for the OSS, later to be amalgamated into the CIA. Dulles knew the city well, of course, having resided there in 1917 and, "Here Allen Dulles learned the trade of international politics and forged life-long friendships," writes Peter Grose. During those First World War years he would be installed at the swanky and expensive Bellevue Palace hotel, a popular watering hole, it seems, among budding spies passing through town looking for girls and gossip.


His personal secretary and perhaps occasional mistress had this to say about him during those crucial 1940 war years: "I still had difficulty believing this cheery extroverted man was actually engaged in intelligence work, and he never hesitated to show his very real charm."


In other words, the quiet briar pipe smoking Ivy Leaguer was always calm, never ruffled, it seems, and always polite to the ladies, of course. The ideal personality for a spy, I suppose, but – I ask – who watches the watchers? He is even presumed to have had a liaison with the queen of Greece when he wasn't decoding secret telegrams.


About Dulles' personality, one caustic observer remarked: "He was the ambassador of the secret government to the overt government." Governments today that spawn the new world order and the Illuminati are all part of that Satanic virus, of course.


By 1944, with the war in deep decline for the German army, the Nazi rodents started deserting that sinking Nazi hulk, and one particular rodent would seek out the Dulles lair in Bern for help. That was Reinhard Gehlen, although I suspect that other Nazi dignities also sought Dulles out, always desperately in search of freedom and an American passport, of course. For some reason Dulles seems to have taken a shine to this old Nazi spymaster whose previous atrocities on the Russian front seem to have escaped the conscience of Dulles. Later, Gehlen and a raft of eager Nazi scientists known today as "Operation Paperclip" would seek a new life in America, and happily find employment working for a grateful U.S. government. Interestingly, Gehlen would also be later involved with the construction of Mossad. In fact, Gehlen should have hung by a rope in Nuremberg, but that was not to be, it seems. He may have escaped justice in this life, but he certainly will give an account in the next. In fact, all will give an account to Jesus Christ for every thought, word, and deed.


Interesting, in the dying days of the war, the germ for the CIA was born and constructed out of the dying OSS. Dulles played an important part in its formation, and when President Truman latter announced its titular head would be William Donovan (a Catholic and future Knight of Malta) Dulles seems to have been passed over. I do wonder why? Was it because of some personal problem with Truman, or was he exhausted after running dozen of spies in war-torn Europe from the safety of Bern?


In 1953, Dulles became the fifth director of the CIA. Also of interest to the reader may be how Dulles was the fifth cousin once removed from Queen Elizabeth II, so he had finally made it to Langley, Virginia. He didn't know it then, of course, but his troubles were all before him, and it all ends in tears in the political arena, as they say.


With the arrival in 1960 of the young charismatic and Catholic President John F. Kennedy, old ideas of what to do about Fidel Castro and his Marxist regime after their seizure of Cuba from the mafia were brought out of the CIA planners' box of dirty tricks. In other words, the president wanted a clean solution to this problem island that lies just 90 miles off the coast of Florida.


Somehow, after the assault on the Cuban coast in 1961 by Cuban exiles and U.S. army advisors and others, many were left dangerously isolated. In other words, there would be no air backup, which meant the invasion had become a shambles, with many lives lost on both sides.


Dulles must have known he was on a slippery slope for sacking by Kennedy after this CIA fiasco. Just witness his attempt to shake the president's hand as a gesture of friendship, with Kennedy then publicly turning away from him. Always a very dangerous gesture toward any CIA chief, it seems to me!


After his dismissal, however, he seems to have gone into revenge mode against Kennedy. Men like Dulles don't like being pushed around, especially having their services terminated. In fact, they’re more used to taking such action against others. I do believe that if Richard Nixon had won that close-call election in 1960 instead of Kennedy, Allen Dulles would have retained his CIA job, but that’s all history now, isn't it?


"The Bay of Pigs effectively ended the Dulles era at the CIA," writes Peter Grose. It also ended the era of the influential Dulles brothers or "The Shadow Brothers", as they were also called, who between them controlled and created much of U.S. foreign policy under President Eisenhower. (John Foster Dulles was Secretary of State under the Eisenhower administration from 1953 to 1961.)


Incidentally, as I write, it has just been announced that President Obama and wife will visit Cuba in March. He will be the first president to do so since 1928, can you believe? It seems that he will not be meeting Fidel Castro officially in public, but maybe the Obamas will have a private photo shoot with the old boy, or maybe a selfie!


Conveniently situated outside Washington D.C., the Dulles airport (from where the Obamas may fly to Havana in March) is named after John Foster Dulles, and not Allen. Of interest, John Foster Dulles' son had a late conversion to Catholicism and became a priest, later a cardinal. From Calvinism to Catholicism.


The sudden and brutal murder of President Kennedy in Dallas in Dealey Plaza on 23rd November 1963 propelled Allen Dulles back into that public political pit in Washington. (I myself was on a 109 bus in South London in 1963 when someone sitting in front of me turned around and said, "Kennedy has been shot." I still remember it.)


The new and unelected President Lyndon Johnson moved very quickly and convened the controversial Warren Commission to examine who and why this American tragedy had happened, and more importantly, who was responsible. Executive Order No. 11130, in fact.


It's interesting to note that five of the seven political men chosen for the Commission were freemasons. (I'm still not sure, however, that Dulles was a practicing mason.) They were all Washington insiders and of course hand-picked by the president for the job. The final 888-page official report submitted by the commission was released in September 1964.


The report was meant to calm the public's appetite for the bizarre theories then circulating in 1963, but instead spawned its own conspiracy ideas and suggestions. I do seriously wonder how many authors and journalists actually read and digested the complete 26 volumes once published.


While I was preparing this article for our newsletter, a newly published book by a David Talbot was announced in the media for review. I haven't had time to read the book, but I have read several book reviews about it and listened on YouTube to a lecture by the author about the book and its damaging contents.


The book entitled The Devil's Chessboard (a great title) claims that the late CIA director colluded with others in bringing down President Kennedy, along with his so-called "Camelot" administration, and was also seriously complicit in the president's murder in Dallas (many important men were also in town that exact day for reasons still unexplained, it seems). I can only speculate that some preparation was hatched up at the secretive "owl's nest camp" at the Bohemian Grove in California, where assorted invited politicians and other notable figures annually worship an effigy of a 40-foot statue of the horned god Moloch, to whom live children were sacrificed and maybe still are. Who knows? We most certainly hope not! I must say, however, that the author does present a convincing case in his new book to prove his allegations. I will try to update this article after reading Mr. Talbot's book some time in the future.


During our recent ministry outreach to Switzerland, it had been my hope to visit the city of Bern and view the house where Dulles was domiciled for three years, and maybe even be invited inside, but it was not to be. The Lord decided to take us instead to downtown Lausanne to do more important street work in offering Bible tracts and encouraging people in our conversations with them as well. This, of course, was far more important to our ongoing ministry than finding out where a dead spymaster prospered and pampered himself during those war years.


Many important people did journey to this house to seek assistance from the spymaster and happily used his many government contacts. I suggest that even a disguised Heinrich Himmler may have secretly called on Dulles' services, only to leave sad and empty-handed.


Plenty of assorted brave spies were dispatched from there to every capital in war-torn Europe, many never to return.


I do perhaps wonder why he was unable to save Admiral Canaris, Hitler's spy chief. Canaris was later arrested and suffered a terrible death in 1945 at the Flossenbürg concentration camp, and it has truly been said of him that "Canaris with many others helped to destroy Nazi Germany and the pagan system it stood for."


For further information on this man, please read my article about him on our website.


"Sir" Allen Dulles departed from his world of deception, deceit and planned murders on 29th January 1969. Whilst at hospital, he apparently informed his doctor that, "He wanted to remain mentally active and alert to the end." Many Like him, many hope to make peace with God before it's too late, but we at this ministry would ask, "Why wait? Repent now, and become born again."


I'm not sure if this old gentlemen attempted this, or if he acted like many before him who weigh up their choices before making a decision, a foolish thing to do.


"Seek ye the Lord, whilst he may be found" is a warning to the unsaved who stand on the threshold of eternity.


Time is short, you see, and eternity is forever. I'm not sure that Allen Dulles accepted this offered invitation. A lost soul if he did not.


Dulles is now long departed and perhaps was always in denial about his past sins and crimes, yet fearful of what awaited him after death. But his memory lingers on and his pet creation, the CIA, still flourishes and functions today without little accountability or justification, it seems. I guess it could be a crucial tool in upcoming years when the antichrist arrives and gathers all the world's intelligence agencies under Satan's scarlet cloak, a truly frightening prediction that may come to pass sooner than we think. But praise the Lord! We the true saved believers will have long been raptured away to Heaven, to be always with the Lord, and so shall we ever be, because now is the day of salvation.


"It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment" (Heb. 9:26).


P.S. Dulles may have been able to solve some of the Nazi/Communist problems of his era but in the next 10-20 years or so an Islamic civil war will certainly erupt in Europe, and that continent will be torn apart as we now see happening each day in North Africa and elsewhere on television. Sadly, the gates of Europe are now dangerously wide open as Christianity and Judaism will witness an even more severe and sustained attack. Dangerous end times indeed, and I must also speculate on who will arrive on the world's political stage in a blaze of glory to solve this ongoing crisis. No doubt, this will be the expected arrival of the antichrist.


Reference books


Hitler's Spy Chief (Canaris), Richard Bassett

Gentleman Spy, Richard Grose




Our small group of five Bible-believing Christians from three countries safely arrived in Geneva, Switzerland this month.


We brought around 4000 tracts in three different languages and successfully distributed just under 3000.


Sister Helen kindly kept a mental diary of our time and activity in this very nice non-EU nation, and here it is for those wishing to get a fuller and more in-depth report of our 4-day outreach there.


Day 1 - Arrival at Lausanne




It was early evening so we all went out to grab a bite and explore our new surroundings, when we came upon a small group of about 40-50 Communists, apparently Turkish Kurds, who had a small banner of Stalin and were demonstrating. Patrick felt moved to open-air preach a few minutes. He began to speak loudly, and we gave out no more than 3-4 tracts. There was dead silence as they listened (whether they could understand or not was unclear). A plainclothes police officer came over and told him he needed to stop, and he was led away by this man and another policeman. I panicked a bit because I couldn't see where Patrick was taken, the others were at a distance, and I couldn't speak French. Just then, the rest came by and I handed over the tracts. We saw Patrick toward the side with three police, who took his name and address and had a look at his passport. One spoke very good English, and Enrique translated for one of the others. James asked whether we were breaking any law, to which they said no, but that these people are not Christian and the government wished to avoid problems, so we needed to stop. They said we could go down the road and preach if we wished, but not where this group was. In my recollection, one of the three was much more standoffish, one was a bit more ambivalent and one was friendly. In the end, we said that was fine, that we were only wishing to preach the gospel, but that we were on our way for supper anyway and they let us leave peacefully. (We had no further problems with any of the police we saw during our stay.) 


Day 2 - First full day of outreach in Lausanne



Patrick and Enrique started giving out tracts at the metro station at 7 am, and the others joined shortly afterwards. No conversations, but we did buy a Moldavian lady some food. Around 10:00 am we had a Bible study from 1 Corinthians 15, and then at 10:40 am we went out with the new banner toward the Martin Luther King church (situated in the centre of Lausanne), around where we passed out many tracts, despite the rain. There were a lot of people. I spoke briefly with a Jehovah's Witness from South America. She began to argue the deity of Christ and left shortly afterwards. We left around 1 pm and went toward other parts of town with the multilingual banner up, but there were very few people around. We decided to drive to Montreux, but it was very windy and there was practically no one around, even near the shops. James got some good footage of the Alps and of the Leman Lake. We went back to the metro station in Lausanne from 5 to 7 pm. James had a very long conversation with a young woman who felt his tract was too negative. The Lord orchestrated the timing as James had gone to shoot some footage of the subway entrance and as he came up the stairs with the camera still on, she was there. They had a good conversation, she understood she was a sinner and she understood that Jesus was the One to pay for that, but she was not ready to submit. Meanwhile, I spoke with a couple of her friends; a young man in high school and another young woman. The man spoke very good English and was very interested in what I was saying; he was fed up with religion and all the manmade rules, said he was agnostic, knew he was a sinner, but wasn't really sure how that could be dealt with or how the Bible could be true. I challenged him to read the Bible and to get on the Internet and read about the scientific evidence for creation, as I told him that there are many lies and misinformation being fed to students, as well as much missing information not being taught. The conversations were very friendly, and we were pleased at how well communication was going in this French-speaking area of the country. I also spoke with a young couple from Ecuador for about 10 mins. The young man admitted that, although he recognized he had committed thousands of sins and done many wicked things, he did not regret anything and believed that a person has only one life and should enjoy it while it lasts. He was challenged regarding the hereafter, but did not seem to consider it. He did take a Spanish tract. James helped three homeless men to pay for their overnight shelter. 


Day 3 - Second full day of outreach - Lausanne and Geneva



Tract distribution again outside Lausanne's main train station from 7-9 am, Bible study at 10:00 am from 2 John. Then to Geneva: we had quite a lot of trouble getting to Geneva and finding John Calvin's old church, the Cathedral of St. Peter (Saint-Pierre) in the old town. There were not many people, only a few tourists here and there, and we handed out a few to those we could, including a few English tracts (one to a Canadian woman who I spoke to for about 5 minutes). James taped a video inside and outside the 18th century neoclassical façade of the cathedral, originally a Catholic edifice of Gothic style, built in the 13th century, then used by Calvin when he was in Geneva. We again gave out tracts in Lausanne from 5-7 pm, during which time it began to rain and then hail for a short time.


Day 4 - Third full day of outreach - Lausanne 



Tract distribution again in Lausanne from 7-9 am, Bible study at 10:00 am from 3 John. We ruled out going to Bern, due to travel difficulties the previous day. We went out to the harbour at Ouchy Olympique with our tracts and banner, but there were only a handful of people despite the beautiful sunny weather, so we went by subway toward the main train station in Lausanne. There we were able to hand out many tracts as each train and subway arrived and had many great conversations. One was with a young girl who has been saved from a new age background only two years ago, is concerned about the spiritual condition of her city of Lausanne and hopes to see more street preaching, and took some tracts to distribute. James also spoke with an African gentleman who, although professing Christ, did not seem to understand the need to preach sin, hell and repentance and said our approach was too negative, and James spoke with several others too. Around 3 pm we left for the retail center again, put up the banner in front of the MLK centre, where Patrick preached briefly from the church steps. It was unclear to us whether this is now an ecumenical church or some kind of social centre. We spoke with a Swiss man of Spanish descent, who was fairly aggressive, demanding that I specify whether we were Catholic or Protestant and rather loudly proclaiming our ignorance about Biblical truth. Toward the end of our 10 min conversation, he was more gentle and friendly and accepted a French/German tract and a Spanish tract, and told us he would read them intently. During our tract distribution, an older man read the front of the tract, spoke a few choice vulgarities (thankfully, most were not understood), tore up the tract and threw it on the ground. Another also yelled in French about the tract, but most who accepted it were pleasant. James spoke for many minutes with a female "trainee pastor" who appeared to be backing a social gospel of some sort and was unable to articulate the gospel when James asked. Our last evening together saw us return to Lausanne's main and very busy train station where we battled snow and sleet, and then we left for a final modest meal. One pleasant surprise was hearing ETC Radio loud and clear outside the restaurant!  


Day 5 - Final day of outreach - Lausanne




Tract distribution again at Lausanne train station from 7-9 am; at 9 on the dot, we gave out our last tract, Bible study at 10:00 am from Colossians 3. Temperature was 1ºC and dropping. Snow began to fall when we left the hotel and continued thickly the entire way to Geneva airport.


In summary, 2500 French-German tracts and approximately 100 Spanish tracts; 400 English tracts; multilingual banner seen by many people. Like many cities worldwide, Lausanne and Geneva are now multicultural locations and there are many African, Latin American, Middle Eastern and European tourists and residents all over the country. Most speak at least one other language, and the young people seem to have a very good grasp of oral and written English.


Unexpected delay!



Our friends were able to successfully fly home to Spain after a two-hour delay due to more heavy snow, but our flight was cancelled, along with over a dozen others. In brief, our airline and their "customer services" team collapsed due to the strain of so many flights being cancelled, so we were told to return to the airport 24 hours later to resume our flight home. At some expense to us (having to pay for an unexpected additional night in Geneva), we were thankfully able to fly home the next night.


Our only serious glitch took place once all ministry activity was over. Praise God!




James Speaks To A Woman Who Is Shocked By Our Tract, And Then Witnesses To A Female "Trainee Pastor" In Lausanne, Switzerland


Patrick Rebukes An Apostate Martin Luther King Church In Lausanne, Switzerland 


James Refutes Calvinism (TULIP) Outside Calvin’s Cathedral Saint Pierre, Geneva, Switzerland


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"God bless you for the videos you have made, and will do. Been trying to get a handle on Calvinism, and your video was most helpful. Thanks and God bless, and keep you and yours."  


"加油!非常不错的 Keep preaching! God bless you! I was irreligious when I lived in China, but I turn to Jesus now! So glad and so lucky I [got] saved, but so sad no one stop to listen. Wish they know God loves us and He wants [us] to love Him too."


"Thank you James for these videos. It's amazing to me that over the course of 3 months, in which prior I found myself watching mindless YouTube junk while falling asleep, the Lord [was] leading me back to your readings and commentary. Not just this, but often the videos I choose generally have a very unique way of encouraging me. As a new Christian I had reached out to someone whom I felt really discouraged by after my confession that my sin was breaking me & beating me down."


"Hello, I just like to say how wonderful to find you two on YouTube. I too was brought up a catholic, but now have come out of that system. I am a Bible believing follower of our Lord Jesus. I also believe in the pre trib rapture and we are living in the last days….I am going to look at your site now, may God bless your good works. From a brother in Jesus."


"Your pretrib video helped me tremendously. It seems almost too good to be true, and feels almost antinomian. The fact that the televangelists believe it threw me further for a loop. But the reality is, that while they may have gotten the rapture right, neither they nor their antinomian friends will be in it."


"Watching your videos has made me think that I can't just sit back and go to church on Sundays. The Saviour said to go out and preach the gospel, that's our call as born-agains to do. It's all about having a legacy for the Lord, that's what I want to do! Thank you James."


"Hi, I really appreciate your posts on YouTube. You have been a blessing. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I grew up Catholic – ahhhhhhh - and then attended an Anglican church for nearly a decade. I understood the Gospel last April. Your posts have helped me so much."


"James & Patrick, I honestly enjoy immensely the narrator of the word of G-d;-))))This is amazing how G-d has given you the ability to orchestrate His work. May G-d continue to bless you as He continues to order your steps and make your pathway straight before His face. Thanking G-d for you & your work."




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