We at this ministry are quite content to share this historical and rare document with you, the reader, for to do otherwise would be at best negligent and at worst sinful (Eph. 5:11-14.) However, we must make two provisions.


First, we are not anti-Semitic in anyway whatsoever, nor do we condone of certain groups, whether religious or not, that are of the persuasion that all Jews are somehow Luciferian and tied up in the one world order.


We reject this because we believe that all nations and people are equally sinful and guilty before God, therefore such philosophy is totally void. We do acknowledge, however, that some secular Jews have been involved in this conspiracy, for this is well documented, but so too have many Gentiles.


Second, we are pre-millennial in our Biblical eschatology and therefore we believe that God has not forsaken His faithful remnant of repentant Jews, but will one day graft them back in again, after they believe in Jesus, shortly before His return (Rom. 11:21-27.)