In welcoming the merry month of May,

There should never be any lasting delay.

For May did, you not know, is derived from Maia, the "mother" of Mercury,

Or is it I cynically ask just fancy Roman poetry?


May seems to be the favoured month of those who favour revolution,

But could these fools I ask bring intimidation,

To the 'born again' believer? This I doubt, for that donation,

Was bought and paid for long ago without any recrimination.


So dear friend, forget Mayday!

And recall what once happened. And how

Jesus once bought on that blessed designated day.


On May the first an ultimatum was once given to a young mother,

By he who consulted a black leather diary. From his cruel ways she would Never ever recover.

And do not misguided workers around the world,

Still march in a staged communist mould?


But happily May is also praised by the songwriters:


'One morning in May'

'May day Carol'

'May morning dew' 


'When birds do sing hey ding a ding,

Sweet lovers love the spring'

- William Shakespeare





1st May 2005

(All Rights Reserved)